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11 October 2018
... Mama Ngozi Nwosu tastes better with time.
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“A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do”! These are the exact words uttered by one of Nigeria’s finest screen artistes. Boasting a cabinet overflowing with well-deserved accolades, Mama Ngozi Nwosu is the epitome is longevity and the X in experience.

Born, groomed and allowed to find her wings in Abia state, Nigeria; Mama Ngozi sought and found her muse under Reverand Fabian Oko’s leadership at the Royal theatre art club school and went on to successfully tackle and KO leading roles. Now, rumor has it that yours truly was the very first Nigerian actress to ever kiss on screen during a romantic scene with peer, Kenneth Okonkwo. So your fierceness isn’t just a continuously glowing splinter, she’s been progressively breaking boundaries since black and white TV.

In 2012, Mama Ngozi took ill and had to bring the curtain down slightly and let roles fly while she took care of the champion but even then, her works still spoke volumes and kept her portrait fixed firmly on the Nollywood hall of fame. When asked about the secret behind her success, ‘Glamy’ pinned it on consistency and celestial intervention, can we get an a Amen?!

The queen of mainstream Yoruba entertainment wears her crown with pride and is very aware of herself… as she should of course. As mentioned before, Mama Ngozo has been breaking social yokes and making history way before having abs was a thing and even her Instagram account pops more than any of us will ever pop in a lifetime. Basically, one gets tired but is never out. Showbiz is for the strong jor!

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Article cover pic: Mama Ngozi's instagram 

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