Lights, Camera, Shiikane – 53 Extra

29 January 2019
A proper siddon session with one of the hottest musical offerings on the African continent.

Trick question!.. What do you get when you combine law, criminology, theatre arts, a pool of great genes and explosive octave?! Correct! One of the hottest groups that the African continent has ever seen. This week, we hosted the pepper-dipped trio, Shiikane and gisted up a storm.

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boasting a guaranteed spot on the ‘first girl-group’ hall of fame, the three sisters are completely submerged in the arts. Despite having had to deal with resistance due to the wide-scaled contents of their musical cooking pot and being ahead of their time, Shiikane rode the wave of their artistic instincts and the crowd followed suit.  

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Spotting a beautiful family borne synergy, Shiikane grouped up and released as Christmas EP, a project that led to the release of super hit ‘Oga Police’; A groove so explosive, East Africa couldn’t help but be locked in dance. The overwhelmingly warm reception saw the girls touring the region and serving nothing but good vibes and all things nice.

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Thanks to their versatile take on the beat and the drum, the trio managed to pull some very impressive strings that led to them collaborating with South Africa jockeys and conceiving another cross inspired EP. When grouped, melted and molded, these projects will subsequently form the group’s long-awaited debut album.

… and because business and no pleasure means no fun, Mawuli spun the rod and went a bit ‘controversial’ - tapping into the romance realm. The dating scene is so cutthroat, even pretty songstresses see spark… but not all hope is lost because your girls are single and ready to mingle. Missed out on Shiikane's chat with Mawuli, check out the vid down below.

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