Launch: Veto Power Game of Chance Explained

30 June 2019
Big Brother is bringing the pepper this season by introducing a new way to play the game. The Veto Power Game of Chance.

How the Power Works

Veto Power Game of Chance will be played as a separate game in which the winner is the Veto Power Holder (VPH). The Veto Power Holder possesses the authority to Save a Nominated Housemate and Replace such Housemate with a Housemate that was not Nominated.

The Snag

There is a check on the power of the Veto Holder. This drawback is that the Veto Power Holder does NOT have Immunity and is likely to be Nominated by other Housemates. When such an event occurs, the Veto Power Holder may choose to Save himself or herself.

What about the Head of House?

In past seasons, the Head of House held a key position in the House. He or she had the power to Save and Replace Nominated Housemates. This season, the only perk the Head of House will have is Nomination Immunity. This means the HoH no longer wields the power to grant immunity to any other Housemates unless directed by Big Brother.

The wheels are turning. Want to know how this changes the dynamics in the House? Then stay glued to your TV screens as the days unravel.

KimOprah is the first Veto Power Holder

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