Konji On A Rampage

10 September 2019
Ten weeks and counting in the House and a few Housemates have started getting that tingling sensation in tender regions.
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Everyone knows about Cupid, but rarely do we ever speak about his naughty little cousin, popularly known on this side of the world as ‘Konji’. This randy little fella is fond of possessing people and filling them with the urge to quench an overwhelming intimate thirst. If you have ever had that nagging sensual sensation in your tender regions and the need for immediate relief, that’s Konji right there working his magic. 

Konji in the House

When you keep adults of the opposite sex in a confined place long enough, you can be certain Konji will drop by and be up to a few tricks. The Pepper Dem Gang have been in the House for over eleven weeks now and as expected, Konji has decided to make himself the new Housemate. Seyi was the first to spot this unwanted Housemate and make his presence known to the rest of the Housemates as he announced during a failed prank that “The Spirit of Konji has been unlocked.”

Identifying Konji’s antics in the House

Let’s get right to it. What has Konji been up to in the Big Brother Naija House? Quite a lot actually. From getting Housemates in compromising positions to finding succour in each other’s arms and pranks of the intimate nature, Konji has been quite busy.

Pranks of the Intimate Nature

There are a lot of pranks one can pull, but when you decide to pull an elaborate prank that involves placing a semblance of used condoms around the House, it says a lot about what’s going through your mind.  Diane, Mercy and Ike are the pranksters here. Although they did claim it was a prank, this got us thinking, what could have possibly been going on in their minds before conceiving such a prank. We didn’t have to think for long. Well played Konji, well played. Feed it into their subconscious while making it look like a prank. Nice.

After Party Fever

Apart from the usual fights that are usually the order of the day after the Saturday Night Party, we see a little bit of charged up intimate energy. Although it might seem like Konji works overdrive on Saturdays, but that’s really not the case. It’s a lot easier to stir up sensations when you’ve been drinking all night and dancing in sensual positions that would ordinarily trigger you with zero help from Konji. Most of the Housemates come in a little friskier than usual and often take a dive in the hot tub or go right to sleep, possibly to calm the jumpy sensual nerves. It was on nights like this we saw a visibly excited Omashola rush over to playfully spank Mercy’s bare bottoms. Now, was he trying to get some or turn it to a make pretend drum set to create new beats, we can’t say for sure, but we know Konji had quite a satisfied smile on his face after that.

The Icy Pair

No one has been hit hard by Konji than these two. Every moment together is a battle not to give in to basic desires. You can tell that both parties are fighting hard not to give in to the urge. The frequent make-out sessions are not even helping the situation. Mercy seems to be managing fine, but Ike is a different story entirely. Ike who expressed that it was easy to keep it together for one month, but two months was a different story. Looks like he’s about to quit keeping it together and try out Seyi’s advice of taking a solo flight since Mercy might not be budging to go all the way anytime soon. Either way he chooses to calm the raging sensation in his pants, Konji will be pleased.

Unusual Romp Alliances

Before Seyi and Tacha’s ship hit the iceberg, they spent quite a lot of time together and sometimes in questionable positions. This was a romantic alliance we didn’t see coming. Konji definitely had grand plans for them, but as it stands Konji might have to put in extra work or move on to the other Housemates. The tension between the two can’t be doused by intimate pleasures at the moment or maybe it can, but it probably won’t be between the two of them. A lot could still go on though. Konji isn’t known to give up that easily. We can’t wait to see that outcome.

Those Who Shall not be Named

These two are Konji's regular customers. Hardly did they put up any fight, they gave in willingly to Konji’s demand over and over and over again. Often seen together and most times blessing our sights with make-out sessions, these two clearly understood that when the body needs intimate relief, it should get it. Although one of them has been Evicted, the other Housemate seems to be keeping it together. For how long though, we wonder, because a certain Pepper Dem Gang has been showing signs of being Konji’s advocate and ready to make a move on the Housemate.

The Work in Progress

Konji has a few names on his ‘convince’ to-do list, From Frodd and Esther (who unfortunately has been Evicted, so that’s out the window) to Elozonam and Diane, the work has been set in motion. The pairs are getting close and we wonder how long before they get that notification from Konji that it’s time to get freaky.

Nothing ever gets past our eye and we will be on the lookout for who’s next to fall prey to the antics of Konji.

Watch What Konji Has Been Up To In The PepperDem House

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