Kenyans blast Victoria Kimani

22 July 2015
Victoria Kimani claimed Kenyans don't support their own enough but Kenyans didn't take lightly to her words.
Kenyans blast Victoria Kimani

Local support is important and sometimes when artists don't receive enough of it, they see it only befitting to air their frustrations. The latest musician to feel let down by her fellow countrymen and women is Kenya's Victoria Kimani.

The "Mtoto" singer took to her Twitter account to address a seeming lack of support for local artists by Kenyans. In a series of tweets she expressed how, "Kenyans make it hard to be an artist..."

But while her statements may or may not have been true, Kenyans took offence to the musicians remarks and promptly went on the offensive with some hilarious but equally mean tweets. Check them out below:

But there was some love and support for the singer too.

What do you think? Is Victoria Kimani right?

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