Day 27: Kemen is the winner!

18 February 2017
The initial winner ThinTallTony did not complete his puzzle.
TTT prize withdrawn 1

Kemen must be thanking his lucky stars today!

He was announced the actual winner of the Friday Night’s Games, after Biggie realised that the initial winner, ThinTallTony, failed to complete the puzzle during the games.

ThinTallTony was announced winner yesterday, when he clocked the quickest time, beating Kemen, who came in second. For his prize, ThinTallTony was allowed to choose one girl and two guys to share with. He chose TBoss, Kemen and Balley.

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In a sudden twist of events, Biggie has withdrawn ThinTallTony’s prize and announced Kemen as the winner.

HoH Ese made the announcement from Biggie, adding that Biggie had gone through last night’s footage and got evidence that ThinTallTony had actually not completed his puzzle. The evidence, in the form of a copy of a screen shot, was circulated among the Housemates.

HoH Ese announced that in light of this development, Kemen is the actual winner. Biggie congratulated Kemen and asked him to pick two guys and one girl to share his prize with. Biggie warned Kemen though, that if the Housemates he chose rejected his offer, he would forfeit his prize. Kemen picked the same group of people picked by ThinTallTony. His decision was received with mixed emotions in the House and Kemen was heard saying, “You gon respect my choice abeg.”

How will this play out? We can all wait and see tonight.

Kemen has had his eye on TBoss for a while now, dating back to the first few weeks of the competition and when TBoss asked the Housemates to pick her to share their prize with yesterday, should whoever win, Kemen was immediately intrigued and even went to the extent of dropping a few hints to TBoss. However, his hints fell on deaf ears.

Could his win be an opportunity for Kemen to try his luck with TBoss tonight? Tune into DStv Channel 198 and GOtv Channel 29 to find out.        

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