Jara: Fred Amata; your Man Crush Everyday

22 November 2017
Fred Amata is an actor, director, producer and the president of the Directors' Guild of Nigeria

Fred Amata’s face has been gracing our TV screens for well over 3 decades now and the light skinned actor, director, producer hasn’t showed any signs of slowing down; instead, like fine wine, he has matured with age and become even more appealing to his fans worldwide.

From humble beginnings as an actor, the 1986 movie Legacy created a firm springboard from which he has launched himself into the limelight. Armed with a long list of stellar performances in block buster movies spanning decades, he has endeared himself into the hearts of every single person who has ever seen any of his acting roles. 

Currently serving as the President of the Directors Guild of Nigeria, Fred Amata's collection of awards and accolades is one that would leave anyone's jaw drooping all the way to the floor, but the humility exuded by this gentleman bellies all of his accomplishments.

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