It's Grace – Jara

31 January 2019
Uti has the honour of hosting the face behind The Johnsons' Jennifer.
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It takes more than talent to hold a role down while maintaining its relevance and can bet all the Naira in our piggie bank that an auditorium of Tinsel towners would agree without so much as a stutter. Seun Osigbesan is a shining example of resilience, poise and downright ‘killing it’. 

Clearly driven by values and held together by ministerial purpose thanks to her Pastor husband and the daily bread shared in her home; we couldn't help but enquire. With Uti playing ‘willing instrument’, we probed  further and asked Mrs Osigbesan how she balances industry responsibilities and being married to a man for the word; and because ‘unity in diversity’ fits marriage like a glove, Seun shared just how supportive and generally open-minded her husband is; attributes that make for perfect matrimonial chemistry. 

Since our esteemed guest insists on wearing modesty as her preferred breastplate, Uti couldn’t help but drop the biblical phrase that African parents have sown into a double-wear garment, Proverb, and philosophy, “Faith without acts is dead”. Basically, what ‘works’ were put in for yours truly to look so banging after popping twice? E no be rhetorical abeg! 

Having played The Johnsons’ Jennifer for a stretch now, Seun reveals that her passion and love for the craft fuel her deliverance.  We definitely sound the horn and cheer for actors that deliver without fail and yours truly definitely makes the cut.  

Not only does our beloved Jennifer crack our ribs with her ‘I deserve luxury’ stunts, but she also gets to make magic with her sorely adorable daughter... e be blood affair biko. 
Kudos Seun, here’s to more African Magic! Missed Seun's gist with Uti? Fear not, we've got you covered down below!

Cover pic: Seun's instagram

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