In a nutshell – 53 Extra

17 September 2019
On this week’s serving of 53 Extra, we were joined by 4 incredible ex Housemates, Tuoyo, Isilomo, Enkay and Joe.

There’s absolutely no denying that BBNaija is ‘thee’ biggest thing on African television right now, and true to its well-fitting tagline, we’re continuously served elements so uniquely hot, our pallets are on a constant limbo.

Despite the controversial Eviction of Housemates based on coin de-merits, and the eventual introduction of five spanking new competitors; the show continues to transport us into multidimensional spheres of unscripted entertainment; and while this may be the general consensus amongst us external observers and TL critics, it’s a whole different ballgame for the scrutinized.

It is an undisputed truth that the BBNaija movement has granted its participants the type of exposure that guarantees great levels of expansion, and our guests can certainly attest.

When asked what paths the show carved for them, Enkay made mention of her rapidly growing fashion line and how she plans to expand into bridal and ready-to-wear, this while finishing her book; Isilomo, on the other hand, has been feeding on inspo so much that she’s decided to wear the media cloak full time. Our very own Mr ‘use his guns to steal your girl’, Tuoyo seeks to expand his fitness business, and Joe ‘the bad human’ is taking his art to a whole new level, exhibition level.

Right after dissecting the positive, Mawuli couldn’t help but bring out the TL sourced jabs that had all of us cringing for dear life…some people eh. But despite all the negativity, our alumni continue to ignite glowing splinters and we’re totally here for it!
Missed this week’s episode? Fear not because we’ve got you covered in the highlight below:

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