How to Feed AMVCA Guests, by the Numbers!

01 September 2018
Sixty waiters, 24 hours prep time and 25 kitchen staff is what it will take to keep hunger pangs at bay for AMVCA 2018 guests.

Led by the highly-acclaimed Lebanon born Executive Chef Zuheir El Dika, the 2018 AMVCA menu looks pretty impressive. Though it's a fingermeal, Chef Ziheir promised nothing but excellence in all his dishes, you'd swear he's planning a four course meal.

The France-trained chef, who's worked in Dubai and Lebanon and currently responsible for the 11 restaurants at the Eko Hotels & Suites plus over 300 staff wasnt moved by the large AMVCA as to him, this is business as usual.

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However, he insisted on 5 principles that always make for an awesome experience;

1. Quality of the product

2. Hygiene in the kitchen and personal

3. Efficiency from chef to waiters

4. Positive staff attitude

5. Love for the job - "that's the staff I work with at such big events".

"I picked a team that will interact with the AMVCA guests with love, not just because it's a job" - Chef Zuheir.

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Chef Zuheir then took us through the numbers and this is what transpired:

  • 2000 skewers
  • 300 kg chicken fillets
  • 300 kg beef fillets
  • 120 kg chicken wings
  • 800 kg mixed local vegetables
  • Over 1500 litres of drinks

We can confirm that the menu looks really palatable and we can't wait to DIG IN! To quote the good chef; "Anyone can cook, but not everyone can be a chef".

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