How the Blind Auditions work

13 June 2017
For the contestants and judges alike, it's the most critical part of The Voice Nigeria. Here's how it all happens.

The blind auditions are probably the most nerve wrecking part of The Voice Nigeria. For starters, performing live is no joke and 90 seconds isn't much time to make a potentially life changing first impression. This is particularly true if you slip up since there's no time for a recovery. In the same vein, our coaches have just as little time to assemble the best team for battle and ultimately beat their colleagues. With so much at stake, a lot of the finer details can slip through the cracks so let's get reacquainted with the focus of Bilnd Audtions as we brace ourselves for what's sure to be another stunning season.

The Blind Auditions

The focus in this phase of the competition is for Patoranking, Timi, Waje and Yemi to build the teams they'll be coaching for the rest of the season. There are hundreds of hopefuls who audition but only 16 spots available. To drive the point home that aesthetics and gimmicks aren't the focus, all our coaches are required to have their backs to the stage and must pick teammates because of their vocal prowess and nothing else.  

If they're moved by the performance they can push the red button on their chair, which swivels it round so they can see the auditionee face to face. If only one coach turns that contestant becomes a member of their team. If more than one coach turns however, the contestant gets to pick which coach they'd like to go with. What often follows is a heated and hilarious exchange as they vie to get the best of the best on their team.

Last season, the sheer talent on show left us speechless and elated. There were also many dreams dashed in an instant. Take a look at some of the most memorable moments and share your own in the comments below.

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