Day 27: Housemates get “physical”

18 February 2017
Their discussion was mainly on the physical aspect
Housemate physical 4

If you’ve ever wondered the type of partner the Housemates prefer, now you know!

The Housemates sat around the garden and “unpacked” their ideal partners, with the ladies going first.

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The conversation started from the guys asking the girls to choose which one, among the guys, they would pick to go out on a casual date with. TBoss was asked to choose between Kemen, Bassey and Effe and she chose Efe.

After a round of choosing between the guys, the conversation quickly went to discussing the pros and cons between guys with muscular bodies and slim bodies.

Kemen defended guys with muscular bodies, saying the ideal body structure of a man was definitely not the skinny type. However, his point was quickly shot down by Jon, who said most successful guys he knew were not muscular. “Look at Steve Jobs, he’s not buff. Look at (Aliko) Dangote, he’s not buff,” Jon argued.

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Just as the conversation got heated, it further moved to a discussion on the physical aspect of their idea partners. First up was TBoss, who said she liked tall guys, with a nice smile. Marvis and Bisola were more concerned about hygiene. Gifty on the other hand, said in addition to what the other girls had said, she also liked a guy who was financially stable.

Starting off the guys was Jon, who said he loved natural, funny girls and ones who could sing. The conversation was however, cut short by Biggie, as HOH Ese was called into the Diary Room and came back with a message from Biggie.

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