Highlites with IK: Stepping behind-the-scenes

24 July 2015
On this episode of Highlites with IK we take a look at the uncelebrated people who make our favourite stars shine bright! We're going behind the scenes!
Highlites with IK: Stepping behind-the-scenes

Ever wondered how celebrities would cope without their make-up artists, stylists and managers? On this weekend's episode of Highlites With IK we take a look at the people behind the glitz and glam. The people that make things happen for our favourite stars but us, the fans, barely see or hear about. We're hanging out with make-up artists, stylists, music producers, artist / talent managers and script writers!

On the couch we have make-up artist Jennifer Alegieuno, stylist Yolanda Okereke and music producers Joel Wilson and E. Kelly. They share their stories of how they got into their various fields and the challenges they faced along the way.

We then end the show on an explosive note with Simi performing her song "Jamb Question".

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