Highlites with IK: Hanging with hustlers

29 January 2016
Tonight IK sits down with DJ Xclusive and VJ Adams to find out how strong of a hustle the two entertainers have.
Highlites with IK: Hanging with hustlers

It’s no longer new to find people hold more than one job these days. They call one their regular job and the other they call a 'hustle'. This weekend on Highlites with IK we take a look at the infamous hustle.

These days Nigeria doesn't seem to have a lot of weird jobs (hustle) anymore as most of what would have been weird have sort of become acceptable.


Plus tonight on the couch we have superstar DJs, Xclusive and VJ Adams! They both have more than one 'hustle', making them some of the best people to talking to about the topic. Later on the show the hustler play a game with IK before VJ Adams gives an exclusive performance of his latest song.

Catch Highlites with IK at 21:30CAT on Africa Magic Showcase, DStv channel 151.

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