Here they are! Naija's most followed celebrities

03 September 2020
You know you've made it to the big time when you're a whole hashtag – and these Naija celebrities? They know all about that!

A huge fist bump and an exaggerated wink to the millennials that had to rely on ‘headcounts’ and the number of ‘Hi Emeka’s’ to determine just how popular they were, without the aid of 'Likes' and follows as popularity determining factors. We really can’t say it’s possible NOW! Social media came, saw and is currently basking in conquest, thanks to its increased importance for brands and personas alike – and our land’s fairest stars and starlets know this best. Here’s a top-five list of the most followed Nigerians on Instagram.

From Osun state to the world, Davido is the epitome of hard work and continuous relevance. Despite having full access to his family’s greens, this muso used his talent as spade and shovel and sowed his own. A philanthropist at heart, Davido isn’t afraid to pick from his garden to help his fans and loved ones flourish. Remember Chioma’s Porche abi?! Anywho, Davido tops our list with a whopping 17,5 Million Insta followers.

After long and carefully thought-through searches, we can happily say that Johnny has been found. You’re welcome! Yemi Alade came onto the scene with a bang – and her fireworks were so impressive, she earned just enough hype to buy herself a loft in the Banana Island of Tinseltown. Kudos ma! The 21 year back-to-back hitmaker is the second woman to grace the list and rests easy in the second position, with just over 12 million Insta followers.

Jamjam’s momma made the list ya'll – and no surprises here! Having rubbed shoulders with the crème de la crème of the industry, Tiwa Savage is the epitome of hard work and undaunting relevance. We’ve been served hit after hit after hit and to top it off, Tiwa always looks like a snack (we don’t do pun here) and we’re all for It. Mama Jamjam occupies the third position with 11,7 million followers.

Mama Funke ohh. Welcome ma! Serial entertainer, master creator, accent queen, super mom, TV goddess and and and... Funke Akindele is the epitome of hard work and dedication. Having spearheaded some of the most-watched TV content in the West Africa region while heading a successful production house, it isn't a surprise that a whopping 11.6 million people want to know how she does it; placing her at number four on our list.  

We’ve been "Hollaring at ya boy" for a while now – and some of you even grew up with him (while he was basking in Tinseltown’s limelight, of course), but at just 30, WizKid lives in a weekend, what many of us save years for – and isn’t afraid to show it. An executive example of "child star" bling, WizKid comfortably occupies the number five spot with 11,1 million Insta followers.

Social media plays a crucial role in achieving widespread brand awareness and highlighting important social issues. These artists and a countless number of their peers continue to use their virtual platforms to foster real change – and for that, we tip our hats off.

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