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10 September 2018
Basketmouth holds on to his 'Pan African Comic of the year' title at this year's South African comic's choice awards.
Basket mouth

We interrupt boring old twitter scrolling in search of relevant #Hashtags to forge a few giggles and online shopping sessions you know you absolutely can’t afford, to announce that our fave ‘hustler’ has done it again.

Actor and comedian of more than just ‘a few notes’, Basket Mouth went into the 8th Annual South African Comic’s choice awards’ venue clutching nothing but his globally relevant comedy and to no surprise at all, exited bearing an accolade and of course, that West African finesse. The Lagos born and caramelized ‘gags artiste’ was honored with the title of ‘Pan-African Comic of the year’ (for the second time running) for simply being a maestro of his craft.

According to headline sponsor, Savannah, “this award has been complex to launch, as geography, scheduling, level playing fields in markets of various sizes, currencies and language groupings all play a role” in paneling. While the official language “remains English”; the ceremony seeks to unearth indigenous greatness by “expanding the flexibility of the awards to judge work in other languages” as well.

From holding down a sustainable career in one of the most volatile industries on home ground to effortlessly tapping into foreign greens, the Basketmouth ‘brand’ ticks all the boxes when it comes to ‘relatability’ and can sure me used as a reference of profitability for upcoming comics who seek use humor to replenish their tables.

With a successful sitcom, My Flatmates housed under the Africa magic Urban umbrella and enough sold-out shows to last a few epochs, Basket Mouth continues to deliver tailormade comedy that fits the bill on any stage, anywhere around the world and for any audience. Having thoroughly enjoyed his craft on home turf, we can boldly say that we’ve been well represented. Wehdon Sah! Here’s to more accolades.  

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