Day 4: Grown Kids

04 July 2019
Throwback to the Housemates' favourite childhood cartoons.

Turns out a couple of the Pepper Dem gang are actually kids at heart as they reminisced about their favourite childhood cartoons in bed this morning. A chatty conversation that had Mike, Frodd, Ike and Seyi contributing enthusiastically went on for close to an hour with Avala joining the discussion.

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It was a morning like any other, but this time, the voices of the Housemates could be heard chatting animatedly about their favourite cartoons growing up. Frodd and Seyi were extra chirpy reeling out names of 90s cartoons they spent most of their time watching as kids.

A popular favourite among the Housemates was 'Tom and Jerry' as they all let out a hearty cheer when the cartoon was mentioned. Another favourite was ‘The Lion King,’ with Avala admitting it made her cry. While still chatting about it, Frodd revealed his favourite character was Scar. “Of course, you will like the villain,” Avala chipped in.

In a moment of self-awareness, Frodd realized how old he was when he mentioned an old cartoon he loved and none of the Housemates could answer for certain that they knew it.

One Family

Upon rounding up the discussion, all the Housemates gathered together for breakfast. On a good note, it was pleasant to watch them eat together as a family without bickering or engaging in squabbles. The meals haven't gone down well in the past few days without a little altercation. Are our Housemates finally turning to grown kids?

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All in all, it was a fun morning and we wonder how long the Housemates can keep this relationship going.