It's all in the Octave

27 June 2018
Timi Dakolo continues to use his influential platform to pay it forward.
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On many occasions and for various reasons, we’ve redirected the beam towards the innate importance of music in all its forms; shining light on the fact that despite being surrounded by an abundance of dialects, music stills reigns as the unifying factor that allows us to move to the same beat and share our rhythms. Much like his industry peers, Ade Bantu and Johnny Drille to name a few, Timi has embraced music way beyond the art narrative; it’s a notion.

While the ‘church beginnings’ story has been plastered onto the cliché wall due to being mentioned so many times, Timi’s success story is anything but. Not only was his love for the octaves carved and nurtured in the church, his matrimonial destiny was determined there too. Clearly still smitten and clothed in the immeasurable passion that places his family on ‘goals’ standards, we couldn’t help but follow him down memory lane as he recited how he and Busola first met. Let’s just say, with enough determination, you definitely can get out of the friendzone.

After his squeaky-clean sweep on West African idols, Timi was well on his way to the top but met with a tragedy that almost stripped him of his graces. Despite that however, instead of having anything more than his mobile, laptop and sense of security taken from him, Timi armed himself with the determination that makes him the artist and mentor we love and respect.
There are certainly more than a few chapters to go through in order to understand the man’s orchestrated grace and judging by how things are going for him, me might just have that in paperback form, hint much?

From being a judge on one of the biggest talent search shows on the continent, The Voice Nigeria, to landing international success and gracing wedding for free; This Musical Maestro’s journey has only just begun.
Have a look at Timi’s one on one with Mawuli below in case you missed out on 53Extra.


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