Going against the grain

29 January 2018
Afro Pop crooner and singer/songwriter Brymo hits up 53 Extra tonight (Monday) and we can't wait for Mawuli to pick his brain.
Bryno Billboard

For many people, life's trials & triumphs tend to put things in perspective when we're too stubborn to see the truth for what it is. One such truth is that contorting yourself to fit someone esle's idea of you only ends in misery, so with time we learn to be invested in being our true selves and living for what counts. Some however, are simply born mavericks, carving out their own identity and going against the grain when everyone esle would rather conform. Take one listen to Brymo's gritty, powerful voice and thought-provoking lyrics and you'll see he falls squarely into this latter category.

Born Olawale Ashimi, Brymo is an unapologetic, Afro Pop star who's been making inroads in show business since his debut 11 years ago. He's received critical acclaim consistently from his R&B inspired debut record, 'Brymstone' to the bold and cheekily titled offering, 'Klitoris'. In an age where just about every, single musician is trying to be hashtag "relatable" and harping on about their "brand", an artist who'd rather use their gift to speak on our most intimate thoughts is refreshing, visceral, almost vulgar. This tenacity coupled with his undeniable talent has earned him a reputation as one of Nigeria's most underrated artists.

It takes a rare gift for someone to make you think, feel and introspect even when they're singing about your dirty laundry, your most intiment, sexual thoughts or the societal ills that you'd rather turn a blind eye to but as the great Nina Simone once put it, "How can you be an artist and not reflect the times?"

If you're already keen to hear what Mawuli unearths when he goes one on one with Brymo tonight, you're not alone. Make sure you're watching 53 Extra at 22:30 CAT on Africa Magic Urban Ch153 to find out what drives and inspires this Nigerian gem.

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