Live Show 4: Gifty glitters away

19 February 2017
And then Biggie came for Gifty

A relieved Marvis collapsed on the sofa next to Bally after Biggie narrowly Saved her. Ironically, Gifty who remained standing was seen stroking her back.

This was the third Eviction that Housemates had lived though and they had grown accustomed to the mood although ThinTallTony stood up straight, head bowed of a palpable anxiety. 

Gifty however couldn’t have planned for a grander exit. It seemed as if she had saved her best act for the last: when Biggie called her name, she swiftly walked towards the door, without blinking or looking back as if she was in a hurry to leave the shark tank that the House had become for her.

Gifty looked not bothered to say goodbye, yet Housemates gathered around her for a last round of automatic, cold, calculated hugs that she visibly wasn't enjoying giving or receiving.

Housemates looked for the large part apathetic and unconcerned - one might even say they were breathing slightly easier. 

One could have heard a pin drop as no one in the House had shed a tear, shouted, jumped or collapsed. None of the emotional scenes that had livened up previous Evictions took place.

A deafening dissident silence ushered Gifty out of the House. 

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