From the TL to the Alter – OPW

04 March 2019
Adesoji and Winnifred's worlds aligned and brought them together in holy matrimony.

Drums, trumpets and a standing ovation for twitterville abi!.. Our perfect wedding Nigeria brings you yet another happily ever after and the swan and Phoenix in the centre of it all are Winifred and Adesoji.

The way to a man’s heart is definitely through a man’s stomach and Soji can attest to this. Not only was he keen on being Winnie’s TL wall painter, he knew he'd be fed thanks to the mouthwatering home-cooked meals Winnie and her sister posted. Having liked everything the damsel posted, virtual bystanders probably knew that this was Romeo and Juliet in the making.

The proposal caught Winnie so off guard, she had to scream “are you serious” more times than Soji had ever heard before but because love always wins, the answer to the million Naira question was a golden yes sealed with a kiss.
The mood was set and it was time to put the puzzle together. First stop was the venues and when that was swept out of the way, our bride went straight to her dress viewing and all we can say is ‘fit for a queen’.

As Africa proverbs suggest, the destination is never in plain sight when the traveller loses sight of their starting point so, in honour of tradition, the two families met placed all their cards on the table, setting the perimeters for a successful marriage between their son and daughter. When all was said and done, Soji removed the traditional veil and revealed the most beautiful face he’ll ever see, his wife’s.

Before men and celestial powers, Adesoji and Winifred let go of the ‘I’ and adopted the ‘we’, forever… and because nothing is ever sealed without that African inspired boogie, the bride, groom and squad took to the dance floor and legitimized the entire affair. Another beautiful matrimonial serving garnished with Love, butterflies and fireworks signed, sealed and delivered. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Odumosu!

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