Freda's twisted tale – Ripples

28 November 2023
As Freda inherits her father's debt to the Umalokun, a notorious militant group, she becomes a pawn in their deadly game.
Freda's twisted life

Freda's life has been a constant battle against the world. Growing up under the shadow of her ruthless father, Talab Abass, she learned to harden her heart and embrace a cutthroat mentality. Her interactions with others, particularly Doris, the CEO of DP Oil, are often marked by a sharp tongue and a mean-spirited attitude. This behavior, however, is deeply rooted in her tumultuous upbringing.

A father's legacy of greed and vindictiveness
Talab Abass, a man consumed by greed and a thirst for power, cast a long and dark shadow over Freda's life. His ruthless tactics and penchant for backstabbing eventually led to his downfall, leaving him confined to a wheelchair. Freda, in a cruel twist of fate, became the instrument of her father's karma.

Talab's demise

Freda's Inheritance
Fate had other plans for Freda. Upon her father's passing, she inherited a hefty debt to the Umalokun, a notorious militant group known for their oil bunkering activities, which had caused widespread pollution in the Niger Delta region. This inheritance thrust Freda into a dangerous world, where she became a pawn in a deadly game.

Abduction, murder, and a stern message
Freda's life took a drastic turn when she was abducted in broad daylight. The Umalokun, as a warning, brutally murdered her one true love, sending a chilling message that she must put to a stop Doris' plan to rectify the environmental damage caused by oil bunkering and restore balance to the region. 

Watch Freda get abducted

With her life hanging in the balance, will Freda succeed in sabotaging Doris' plans? Tune in to Ripples this Wednesday at 9 pm on Africa Magic Showcase to unravel the gripping tale.