For better, for worse? Not! – Unmarried

11 March 2020
It looks like the cracks on Kamsi and Lotanna's marriage may mean long-awaited freedom for Kamsi!

There’s nothing as daunting and unnerving as watching a couple once truly in love, collect their feed in and use pitted buckets to put out roaring field fires. It isn’t news that Kamsi gave up an entire loaf for the well garnished half a loaf Lotanna offered along with his love, and the cracks on their walls have been deepening ever since.

It obviously wasn’t all that bad because a woman as headstrong and fiercely determined as Kamsi, wouldn’t have allowed herself be housed in a windowless shelter; but according to her sister’s constant rants and heavy blows directed at her in-law, Lotanna’s always harboured ‘deadbeat’ qualities.

According to our inhouse love gurus, the financial glitches weren’t the source of this heavily 'currented' river; Kamsi seems to have always yearned for something beyond ‘house wife-ing’ and that was as far as the horizon for Lotanna – He was just comfortable, sorely so.

Now that his ‘labour’ secret is out and his deadbeat qualities hung for the world to see, Kamsi’s once impossible connection with someone equally yoked may just spark up. Tea spilt, bring cookies next time!  

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