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06 January 2020
Date my family bridges the gaps between Naija singles and give them a chance to mingle.

Happy-go-lucky Fon Peters might just be cupid’s most willing victim yet. Totally cemented in her beliefs and a talker’s talker, this 25-year-old radio personality, TV presenter, author and… and…and claims to have never been in love but might just change her journal entry… soon.

As per mandate curated for Naija’s most eligible singles, our hopefuls are to get their lives and visit three different families in the hopes of being ‘fed’ into choosing their mates. The aim is to gravitate towards to most well-represented candidate and hope cupid labours on from there.  

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First up was 28-year-old E-commerce and talent management expert, Ayo’s family and their interesting seafood and salad serving. According to the bunch, Ayo finds intellect sexier than a bikini set, is a hopeless romantic and appreciates a great sense of style.

Conversation flowed quite smoothly, and the guys were more than happy to indulge Fon on hopeful Ayo’s behalf. When asked about his exes, the guys brushed if off casually and kept the train moving… Touché biko!

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Talking about trains, next on the radar was Chidi. Described as an introverted extrovert and a 'charmster' of more than just a few notes, this journalist is a self-proclaimed Casanova that just wants a match made in heaven.

Chidi’s cousin held nothing back and had fon taken aback with her kitchen and ‘industry guy’ comments, but the dinner took a green turn and all parties giggled the evening away.

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Last but not least was Olaide’s table. Represented by his lovely sisters, this bachelor was described as gentle and blunt; sweet and sour. The dinner went by smoothly and to say the sisters had their fingers crossed for Fon’s return would be a complete understatement.

Verdict times swept by and while Ayo and Olaide were served sweet rejection in a bottle, Chidi got the girl. With both parties obviously blown away by the other’s eye-tickling physical appearance, the date went by smoothly and it seems like Chidi landed himself a seductress to match. Cheers to our first match-up!

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