Five dates that made us ‘aww’ last season — Date My Family

15 January 2021
There’s aww and then there is ‘God when o?’ Here are five Date My Family dates that had us fascinated last season
tyler nix sitjgGsVIAs unsplash

When it comes to people going on dates, most play it safe and others put all their cards on the table with no holdbacks. While that is not entirely a bad thing, some lucky contestants took their feelings to the next level. We’re talking about gasp-worthy, unforgettable moments that made us want to date all over again without thinking twice. Cupid sure knows his job description, doesn’t he?

While we countdown to the next season of Date My Family, how about we throw it back to the dates that made us aww…

What are the odds that cupid would send you a perfect love gift straight from your hometown? With these two, they sure knew the love lords where on their side when they found out the things they have in common.

Another OMG date?

His family may not have represented him well during the dates but this didn't stop Debbie from finding love and sealing it all with a kiss.

OMG indeed!
With the new season upon us, we can’t wait to see what the new dates have in store for us. Until then, take a look at another swoon-worthy date from last season

What's your ideal first date?

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