Fashion hits and misses – 53 Extra

11 June 2019
Spotted, scrutinised and jugged, our faves held it down under our panel's fashion radar.
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The oceans 8 met gala and Merry Men movie premiere were the talk of tinsel town for more than just a little while and invited to dissect the ‘fashion matter’ at hand on this week’s 53 Extra were none other than fashionista and gender fluid style maestro, Adebayo Oke Lawal and Kayla Oniwo. For opinions as tailed as the lavish fabric served on these runways, read on.

Our panel delved right into the Oceans 8 fashion niceties and dissected all the flavour served. First under the ‘styloscope’ was the ever-dreamy Inidima Okojie. Now as far as we’re all concerned, Ini nails it hard all the time and her flamingo inspired ensemble was enough proof. Bagging a nod and being described as looking like romance dipped in high fashion, she most def handled the balance.

Kate Henshaw, on the other hand, might have left a few with a taste of indifference in their mouths, but our panel simply described as her progressively artistic and ever daring; as for Lilly… Not a pallet pleasing colour for a second wedding outfit.

Back to the ‘thumbs up’ side of the table, Shaffy Belo hands down deserved to be at the main Met Gala event as a token of our appreciation for her fashion perfection. What’s that thing they say about fine wine again?! On Toke’s end of the stick, however, Adebayo had a ‘sighless’ reaction and we all know what that boils down to. A look not too shabby on the eye but not entirely event fitting.

The ‘Merry Men’ premiere

Brian brought the ‘yum’ and then some with colour play and embroidery but unfortunately for IK’s yellow mellow number, Adebayo failed to shut the door to his archives and labelled the snack’s look as ‘daddy inspired. Ouch!

Twice the charm in today’s session, Ini’s premier outfit was a work so overly ‘artsy’, it turned her into an organza malfunction mannequin. Omawumi, on the other hand, brought the Agbada challenge to ‘regal’ status and thanks to the hint of skin and toned-down accessories, the look was total ‘execution’. Our everyday man crush, RMD didn’t attend the actual event but elevated the Agbada challenge to ‘slay’ heights.

Waje did the deed as well and had all of us seeing Naira signs all over. Oya, kudos.
Adebayo pressed play real quick and identified the source of the gross malfunction as the theming of a theme-dependent event. According to him, the met should have never been placed on the ‘theme’ pedestal to begin with... Osheee!

Cover Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

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