Fashion Forward – 53 Extra

22 January 2019
An enthusiast of everything art, IK Ogbonna is bringing men out of their fashion siesta.

Biko, Which of your buddies buy expensive clothing just to have them garnish their closet till ‘the right occasions’ sweeps by?! Right! Not only is he a legitimate member of the sweet boy association (hat tips to Falz the CEO), IK Ogbnonna has woven his way through fashion finesse and his closet and a fashion palette are a tickling serving.

Boasting an Instagram account that fits ‘editorial’ like a glove, IK’s styles himself and is always on the lookout for likeminded ‘closet artists’. His eclectic and unpredictably curated wardrobe could easily be mistakenly for an executive class brand’s product collage.

An expert in infusing old school fashion banter with modern ‘men who groom’ notes, IK says his fashion profile doesn’t necessarily conform to a specific aesthetic as he seeks to continue experimenting and adding more flavor to his already impressive fashion cooking pot.

When asked what his most memorable red carpet stunner were, our potential hall of famer had his tailored AMVCA 2018 look sticking out like a sore thumb, and we couldn’t agree more. In a nutshell, man says smell good; pick black when in doubt and play with the rainbow… confidently. Ay ay captain Sah!  

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Cover image: IK's Instagram

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