Falz the Advocate

04 March 2019
The month of March is all about music that moves and today, Falz takes the plot.

Modern-day society has reduced philanthropy to mere financial outpours and speeches to align, but musicians like the president of the sweet boy association responsible for countless broken hearts, falz, advocates change rhythmically and the world can’t help but recognize.

Boasting enough talent to fill a holed tank to the brink, Falz is the epitome of ‘change transportation’ – Having experienced his versality first hand and obviously fully submerged in the art he continues to curate, we definitely agree that his music is a freestanding entity and if it were a meal, it’d be full course and then some.

Hit song ‘This is Nigeria’, a derivative of Childish Gambino’s riot style ‘this is America’ communicates and highlights some of Nigeria’s most pungent social issues. From religion right down to political misconduct, we’re transported to different realities and allowed to shaku while at it… Two birds with one stone if you ask us.

Still on the awareness tip, the emotion building ‘Child of the world’ featuring interesting interpretation by ex BBNaija Housemates, Oluwabamike ‘Bambam’ Olawunmi is a total work of conscious art and we’re here for it. In this serving, Falz drops bars and calms storms while addressing the complexity of ‘pruned’ rape. Both women and men are subjected to permanent physical and psychological scars thanks to this disturbing pandemic and the lyrics highlight this point brightly.  A track definitely worth the eye and the ear.

As if the above wasn’t enough proof of good home training, we’re brought back to the distorted realities of academia. Segmenting various messages in a single visual serving, Falz explores bullying, extortion and cults amongst other things. ‘The Curriculum’ features some of Nollywood’s biggest screen darlings  and boasts a multidimensional storyline that provokes out of the box thinking. Again, we’re all for the beat of the drum and ill lyrics but the depth is insane abi. Wehdon Sah.

Cover image: Falz's instagram 

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