Enugu state's extraordinary culture – Ultimate Love

29 February 2020
In their latest weekly task, the Love Guests take us on a cultural journey to Enugu state.

There's nothing quite as beautiful as the depth of Nigeria's various cultures and no one knows that better than the Ultimate Love, Love Guests! So as they prepared to wrap their third week in the Love Pad, the were instructed to work towards presenting a play based on the traditional wedding practice in Enugu state. Happy to show-off their creative skills, the Love Guests dived into the task head first!

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The process of practicing for the presentation happened over the course of the week with everyone taking multiple hours out of their day to rehearse the script, their lines and the overall storyboard. Perhaps with Aunty throwing several curve balls at them this week, they suspected that a lot was at stake and maybe even a delectable prize at the end of it all. 

Once Saturday night arrived it was time to get ready to display the fruits of their tireless labour and they surely didn't disappoint! With Iyke and Theresa playing the role of the couple-to-be, the Love Guests took on various characters as in-laws, MCs and delighted family. Plus just to make their production even sweeter, Aunty threw in a whole live band! The end result was a spectacular exhibition that once again reminded us just how multi-talented all the Love Guests truly are!

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Which of the Love Guests plays has been your favourite thus far?

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