Enter the new guard

12 December 2017
Death has Aji in a vice grip and with all the frauds in key positions of leadership things seem poised to get much worse.
Old and new Mausi

The people of Jegba have declared war on Aji after learning about an extremely lucrative tender to make part of Aji land, a "Free Trade Zone". Things get even more daunting when one considers that the land in question encompasses Mausi's shrine. As such, they are damned whether they go through with the plan or not and it will be interesting to see how Oviyon handles this.

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Compounding the problem even further is the fact that the new crop of leaders are either frauds or completely incompetent which is a recipe for disaster given the circumstances. Dethin has turned on Mausi & she keeps telling blatant lies and calling them prophecies. Peace has no clue what she's doing and even Otogan Miyise can't seem to part with his lying and scheming ways.

Nowhere was this more evident than last night when the elders needed to recieve a sacred blessing to shield them from harm as they negotiate with the warring nation. Peace couldn't bless them even she tried. She didn't even know they came because Obi made no mention of them before lying and saying Mausi had given them the go ahead.

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Meanwhile, the only person who has the power to defend the people of Aji is lying unconscious in the clinic but she's no hero. If anything, this entire mess has Mausi's name written all over it as she was instrumental in placing Obi, Peace and Dethin in their current positions and potentially dooming Aji in the process. Perhaps it's time to place the blame squarely where it belongs? Most people don't emphathise with her after what happened to Seyive anyway and the would be happy to see both her and Dethin pay for their sins. Where do you stand?

All things considered, "Issa mess" but we'll have to wait and see if Mausi pulls through to fix what she started. Maybe Peace will finally manage to tap into her power before it's too late? Keep watching Jemeji to see what happens next, weeknights at 21:30 CAT on DStv Ch151.

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