Durban Did the Deed

24 July 2018
What do you get when you mix travel, lifestyle and fashion? A glitzy introduction to the jet set life.
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From the Timkat feast of epiphany in Ethiopia’s busting Addis Ababa to Niger’s Curee Salee Wodaabi Gerewol and most recently, South Africa’s Durban July; Africa definitely has the whole ‘pop-culture’ thing on lockdown with annual events that bring out the finest of tinsel town. This week, we go back a few steps and reminisce on when Eku and the 53 Extra team joined the South’s elite on this year’s offering of the Vodacom Durban July.

Arguably one of Africa’s highest critiqued events and internationally recognized as the greatest horseracing affair in the land, the VDJ has come a long way. Having found its core in the growing culture of pricey bets back in 1987 when Campanajo crossed the line first, the event has graduated to a fashion pond where all the fab fish meet, greet, dance and just between us, go wild.   
Between the horseracing cheers, music niceties and the fashion buffet served on platters of glitz and glam, Eku managed to sneak in a conversation with one of South Africa’s most promising actresses and social personality of note, Linda Mtoba.

As we’d mentioned before, fashion has always been a non-verbal statement with the veto-power to dictate an individual’s bubble in society. “Don’t judge a book by its cover” the say; not in these streets we say. Unpacking the details on preps and the man-hours invested in making her look a little that a million dollars, Linda just about confirmed the above.

What better way to end a fabulous trip than with a game reserve drive just air punches away from wild life at their most natural and yacht trips across a beautiful city’s harbor? If this isn’t goal, do call and tell us what is. Missed out on this week’s offering of 53 Extra, check out Linda’s interview with Eku down below.      

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