Dripping Finesse

24 May 2018
Triple threat artiste, Lilian Afegbai talks to us about all things production projects.

Whoever boldly made the statement, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it” deserves some accolades from the universe and maybe a few barrels of pine-wine because this has become the 21st century philosophy we all live by, one way or another. While embraced on different levels, Big Brother Africa alumnus, Lilian Afegbai has unashamedly worn it as a breastplate and continues to channel spurts of confidence in everything she does. Just a pretty face who?

Despite her very conservative background, Lilian’s ‘this is me’ demeanor allowed her to dodge the ‘please everyone’ bullet and thanks to the multicultural foundation on which the Big Brother Africa show was built, she was able to curate for herself an image that allowed her and her alter ego to coexist; a luxury not many of us are afforded.

Having thoroughly sold her market during her participation on the show, Lilian’s exit was met with brand ambassador contracts, roles and appearances; events that sparked in her a desire to relate and create. See what we did there?

While many may think that ‘pretty girls’ have it easy, Lilian’s boss moves dissolved that myth and placed her on a pedestal parallel to those of other industry greats that like her, planted blood, sweat and tears in order to reap sugar, spice and all things nice. Touching base on her very first artwork, Bound the film, it’s clear that the amount of experience gathered in front of the camera equipped her with enough skill to embrace the production process and tell stories her own way.

Clearly fully submerged in the arts, Lilian is full proof that beauty, brains and class can be served on the same platter. Kudos to her. Have a look at Lilian's one on one with Ms Helen Paul below in case you missed out on Jara. 

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