Double-edged Dag – Brethren

29 November 2019
We move to the dissection table and unbundle Dag's character.

Dag is ambitious, confident, strategic and flawlessly bone straight about both internal and external discipline. Having had to nurse psychological wounds brought about by his ‘orphan; past, he’s successfully built a defence mechanism that makes him impenetrable.

He started off as a right-hand man to his ‘never pleased’ father and has since ventured into nightlife and entertainment, a move that saw him pulling fiercely against his father he seems to always disapprove of anything not done by Bara - Despite this constant comparison, Dag is confident enough to look the other away without compromising any of his 'household' relationships. 

Steadfast in his judgement of the unfamiliar, Dag never makes moves without thinking through all the possible ramifications and as a result, tends to resort of gross manipulation in order to meet the desired end.

Contrary to his father’s misunderstanding, Dag has a non-violent approach as he believes violence to be counterproductive, but even so, he never backs away from a fight… Ever!

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