Day 42: Deja Vu, Once Again

11 March 2018
The thought of possibly leaving the House got Cee-C shook and making amends.

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After an awesome party by Dj Jimmy Jatt the Housemates enjoyed Ifu Enada’s meal and quickly prepared for bed. However, Rico Swavey’s over indulging got him vomiting and demanding the Housemate’s hasty reaction to cleaning up and making sure he is all good.

Déjà vu

However, things quickly changed when Cee-C and Tobi were at each other’s throat throwing insults and swearing at each other, something that they have done before. The only difference this time is that there was a meditator, Teddy A.

Even though he tried to listen to both sides of the story, it wasn’t clear what triggered the start of the argument. Cee-C did mention, though, that because it's eviction she wants to clear the air because anything can happen tonight.

Meanwhile their strategic partners had to intervene and calm them down, but did they listen? No.

Tobi’s over intoxication didn’t help the situation either. Alex had to speak to him in a louder voice, asking him to drop the fight and go to sleep.

The Aftermath

Cee-C then found solace in unlikely sources, Leo and Alex. Her possibly leaving the House has got her shook so she tried to make amends with Alex and successfully done so.

Even though the morning started rocky with Rico swavey vomiting in the House to Cee-C and Tobi’s fight it was all well when everyone went to sleep.

Like we’ve seen before, Tobi and Cee-C’s fight are for them only. They ended up forgiving each other and spending the night in the same bed.

The saying “two is company, three is a party, four is a crowd, one is a wanderer” proves to be true in every sense of the word, when it comes to these two.

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