Dealing with the uncooked beef – BBNaija Reunion

05 June 2020
If drama was money, the pepper dem alumni would be filthy rich because wow!
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We all remember just how much beef was left uncooked in the BBNaija refrigerator, so it’s only natural that the peppery alumni brought their portable burners for the ultimate cookout. Not even Ebuka could put out these fires.

As a marinade, we took it back a notch and reminisced on the moments and exchanges that resulted in personality clashes. While a lot was left unsaid in the house, questions that sought to dig out what the Housemates thought of each were thrown and they were all too happy to catch and return the favour. They were asked to react nonverbally to how they generally felt about each other and to say there were more frowns of indifference than grins of approval would be a complete understatement. Even Esther gave Frodd the ‘who are you again?’ look.

The flavouring was about the most interesting part of this week’s segment of the reunion; particularly because the least active HMs, Jackye and Kim brought their ripe tatashe out and had the others breathing fire, especially Tacha. According to the two, Tacha’s superiority complexes were evidence of underlying insecurities that made her belittle others. This was almost obviously music to a lot of ears, so much so that Mercy knelt and giggled in agreement. Even the twitter streets went into a frenzy as they felt everyone was just gunning for poor Tacha; assin, Seyi even threw in some visuals and mentioned how heightened confidence was equivalent to loud, empty barrels… Touché ehh!

Now on the fire, the narrative took a bit of a turn when everyone was asked to point out who might have not deserved to be in the House. While a lot of them felt that everyone had a solid reason to be there, Jackey and Diane were highlighted. Jackye explained that she was, in fact, dominant in her own right and that people were simply intimidated by her ‘knowledge’, and on the other hand, Seyi explained that if Diane had let herself go, Mercy would have had major competition in her.

The serving phase brought the heat up a few notches. Ebuka brought out the strategies used in the diary sessions, and while Omashola was deemed the actual king of dairy highlights, Kafi was dragged to the surgical table. According to Jackye (again) and Venita, Khafi was about as fake as they come and her smile was more sly than genuine; even Seyi agreed. In a nutshell, Gedoni’s bae was called a parrot… Yes, the bird parrot.

These meals were extremely hard but filling to the same degree. We get plenty reunion gist jare, so prepare those reciprocals for your slices of the drama. Engage with us using the tag #BBNaijaReunion.  

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