Day 93: Sunshine In A Bottle

01 October 2019
Everyone could do with a bit of sunshine on a rainy day and the Pepper Dem Gang did just that.

In celebrating Independence Day, the Big Brother Naija Housemates were given a special Task courtesy Lipton Ice Tea.

The Hunt

Words from the scroll read by the HoH sent the Housemates on a mission.

For their Task, they were to embark on an individual search for their ‘Sunshine in a bottle.’ The sunshine referred to, was actually bottles of Lipton Ice Tea which were strategically hidden in the House.

From the bedroom to the locker room, the Housemates explored every nook and cranny to find their bottled sunshine. From the onset, we could see that Frodd who seems to have his head in the game found more bottles of Lipton Ice Tea. The weight of his bag confirmed this and it wasn't a surprise as he won ten points for this round.

All Have Eyes But..

Even with some of the bottles literally under their noses, the Housemates still didn’t see them. A case of searching far when what you seek is near. That was what happened to Mike who just had to look up and find his own bottle. Well, maybe hide and seek wasn’t his favourite childhood game.

If you think it is easy to go on a quest, well the Pepper Dem gang say otherwise with these postures. After they went in circles and zig-zag movements around the House, they took a break and no one could fault them.

The Missing Piece

Upon completion of their quest, the Housemates were given five jigsaw puzzles to complete. Each puzzle was missing a single piece and the Housemates were not allowed to search for this piece until they have arranged other puzzle pieces. The first Housemate to complete this Task will earn 10 points. On this one, Mike was the first to complete his puzzle. Though she didn’t win, Mercy was ecstatic to complete her puzzle as this was the first time to achieve this feat in the House.

More fun awaits them at the end of their Task and we can't wait to see what's next.

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