Day 9: Secrets and Spicy Diary Sessions

06 February 2018
Tonight's Dairy sessions were extra juicy in light of the contentious Task and ever present tension.

The Big Brother Naija House was action packed today, from Lolu’s Secret Task and the explosive fight between the Housemates to Biggie giving the Housemates their Brief for the Task Presentation on Thursday. Therefore, it’s no surprise that this evening’s Diary Session’s were extra spicy.

The Surprises

With the Secret Task in full swing, Biggie asked Lolu who he would choose in order to successfully complete it. The aim of the game is for Lolu to get one of the Housemates (Other than Anto) to develop serious feelings for him. He opened up in his Diary Session, saying it would be either Ahneeka or Vandora, interesting choice as it will be sure to shake up the dynamic. Both Ahneeka and Vandora expressed that they were very happy in their pairs and would not swap given the option. Princess was extremely different in her Dairy Session, after her explosive argument with Cee-C and some of the other ladies just prior, she seemed to reserve herself in the Dairy room and became very emotional, saying that there is a lot of backstabbing over frivolity. Khloe, never one to shy away from controversy, openly admitted that she would have rather paired with Leo over K.Brule because she feels that Leo understands her.

A Mix of Emotion

Today was an absolute roller-coaster of emotion and this certainly came to the fore in the Diary room. From Ifu Ennada crying when asked about the current Task pantomime to Angel brimming with joy due to the fact that he felt he was doing something he was passionate about, it was wild. Miracle, Anto and Ahneeka were the polar opposites in their sessions, acting rather diplomatic and emotionless while Tobi and Alex were visually stressed over the current situation in the House.

Tasks on Tasks on Tasks

The Housemates have subsequently been inundated with Tasks, the first was obviously the pantomime they all need to participate in cantered around sexual consent and then came Lolu’s Secret Task that all the Housemate’s were quizzed on in the Diary room. None of them have a clue what it could be but all of them were Tasked by Biggie to try and find out in order to reap major rewards – What will they do in order to get it out of him? Who will be the first to find out? Just to top it off, Biggie then gave the House another Task for their presentation on Thursday. The retentive memory Task requires all the Housemates to learn colour patterns of cups, on Thursday Biggie will randomly select three of them to present.

The Feels

Wow! Things are really getting juicy in the House but will this pressure cause some of the Housemates to burst with emotion? This week they are required to be humble and learn so let’s hope they take this into account.

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