Day 89: Recognising A Great Show

27 September 2019
From the start of the comedy show to the end and beyond, Twitter folks were on standby with their analysis and we picked up quite a few.

Hitting The Right Spots

For their final Wager Presentation, the Pepper Dem performed well and trust Twitter to point that out.

Simply Amazing

All the Housemates put in their best in the comedy show but for this tweep, certain Housemates' performances were lit and flawlessnature3 mentioned them.

Top-notch Savagery

Biggie’s savagery doesn’t end with the Housemates as Chigul got a taste of it. When the show was over and the Housemates were taking their guests on a tour around the House, Chigul mentioned that she will love to enter the Diary Room and have a chat with Biggie. So persistent was her request that Biggie responded with “This will happen, but not tonight” Wow, Biggie, we all felt that.

In A Mood

Elozonam couldn’t shake off the feeling that he didn’t do something right as he wasn’t acknowledged enough. Apparently, Elozonam would have pretty much loved it if the accolades poured in torrents in his direction. Even with Diane and Cindy massaging his ego, Elozonam didn’t let go in a hurry. Well here’s what this tweep think.

Judging from their performances, we can safely say the Pepper Dem Gang weren’t bluffing when they said they will blow our minds.

Source: Twitter - @toshe224, @flawlessnature3, @tacharistic, @kaY_oLivatweet, @yoobawondergirl

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