Day 85: Rolling In The Punishment

23 September 2019
Returning from the Head of House Challenge, the Pepper Dem Gang came face to face with a messed up House.

The collective punishment due to the Big Brother Naija Housemates for losing sight of the red box was brought into the House and it wasn’t funny at all.

The Mouthpiece

Reading the scroll was the Head of House, Seyi and the punishment was all Housemates must neatly roll back the tissue scattered around the House by a mysterious Ninja onto the cardboard tubes. Pepper Dem Biggie! The idea was to return the toilet papers to as close to their original state as possible. 

1569258351 34 screenshot 2019 09 23 at 5.35.22 pm

A Word Of Caution

While the Housemates may have been tempted to do a shoddy job on this punishment, there was a warning attached to this. They were not allowed to throw away any tissue and they were not to roll back the tissue carelessly or roughly. Simply put, precision is a quality they must embrace. Phew!

1569258470 34 screenshot 2019 09 23 at 5.35.07 pm

Oh Happy Week

Immediately the scroll was read, the HoH suggested they roll the tissue sector by sector. He was not the only one to suggest an idea as Frodd said he knew of a trick to lighten the burden of the punishment.

Breaking into a happy song, the Housemates vowed to have fun with their punishment but the song didn’t go on for long as they reserved their energy for the Task. So much for the happy week.

While they were at it, Omashola wondered why anytime Seyi was HoH, they usually start with a punishment. Well, we don’t have an answer for him but seriously, what a way for Seyi to begin his reign as HoH.

1569258296 34 screenshot 2019 09 23 at 5.31.08 pm

We reckon that by the time the Housemates were done, they will be qualified for employment in tissue factories.

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