Day 8: Live Nominations

30 January 2017
During the Live Nomination session this evening, the Housemates had 45seconds to make their Nomination decision.

The Housemates had a gloomy day today, and there was no chance of escaping the reality of Nominations. Biggie finally kicked off the first Live Nomination show by calling Bally into the Diary Room. And there was no time wasted as Biggie asked Bally to give his two Nominations in 45 seconds. This is how it went for all 12 Housemates that have been in the House for a week now. You'll remember, Bassey and Debie-Rise are immune from Nominating and being Nominated this week, as Biggie's welcoming gift.

Big Brother didn't give much time for the Housemates to justify themselves for their Nominations, and it leaves us wondering  just what the Housemates are plotting. Here's a recap of the decisions:

  1. Bally: Miyonse and Soma
  2. Bisola: Miyonse and Gifty.
  3. Kemen: Miyonse and Soma
  4. TBoss: Miyonse and Gifty.
  5. TTT:Gifty and Miyonse.
  6. Uriel: Bisola and TBoss.
  7. Miyonse:Kemen and Marvis
  8. Marvis: Miyonse and Gifty
  9. Soma: kemen and TTT
  10. Gifty: CoCoIce and Bisola
  11. Efe: Miyonse and TBoss
  12. CoCoIce: Miyonse and Soma

Eight Housemates Nominated Miyonse, including his presumed girlfriend in the House, Tboss. And she didn’t flinch or hesitate to put him up for possible Eviction. Is she fed up with his antics?
Gifty got four Nominations, while Soma ended up being the third Housemates with the highest Nominations with three Nominations.

Biggie announced to the Housemates that up for possible Eviction this Sunday are: Gifty, Soma and Miyonse. But, as Head of House, CocoIce was then immediately asked to give her Save and Replace decision in the lounge. She Saved Gifty and Replaced her with Efe.

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