Day 8: CoCoIce finally gets her voice

30 January 2017
Igwe's word is law and CoCoIce takes to her new position with great relish
Bisola lays down Igwes Bra law

CoCoIce had been a silent presence in the House, but that all changed when she became Head of House. She was given carte blanche by Biggie, that her word was to be obeyed by all her minions in the House.

Igwe instructed Bisola to make sure that the new guy, Bassey whom she made her personal bodyguard must wear a bra for the rest of the day. Earlier she had Bisola wash her feet for her. She took to her new postition of power with regal poise.  

34 bassey is igwes bodyguard 009 pre

She must, however take care to safeguard her black book and make sure that nobody sees the book or else she would lose her Head of House position and put the upcoming wager in danger. 

Biggie, ever the instigator, set a new poetry Task for the Housemates to impress CoCoIce, but unbeknowst to them, she had been instructed to not be impressed by anyone. With the housemates fighting for the confort of being on the Have" Team, how will they react to their new supreme leaders displeasure?

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