Day 78: Holding Down The Liquor

16 September 2019
How well can you hold your booze? Ike, Elozonam and Tacha talk to us about it.

Ike, Elozonam and Tacha had a conversation on how well they can hold their liquor and when to put a stop to the drinking.

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One Bottle Allowed

After the workout, Ike thought it nice to have a beer but this decision didn’t sit down well with le boo. Immediately Mercy sighted him, she asked if that was beer he was holding in his hands. Ike being the playful dude he was commented that it wasn’t. This prompted Mercy to give him a speech about having a beer in the morning (as if there is a special time of the day to take alcohol). To round up her talk, she told Ike that one bottle is the limit for him. Maybe the speech was needed as Ike once made a mess after a Saturday Night Party. Let’s see if he heeded to that warning.

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Saying No To Excessive Drinking

For Tacha, being drunk is a big no as she told Elozonam and Ike that anyone who says they want to see her drunk is like wishing her out of the Big Brother Naija House. She went on to tell them that she is mindful of the amount of alcohol she gets into her system so as not to turn up drunk. Ike, who was holding his second bottle of beer launched into a history of the Pepper Dem Housemates who couldn’t hold down their liquor. On the other hand, Elozonam revealed that before coming into the House, his alcohol intake was low. Hmm, could it peer pressure? He also went on to talk about eating well before drinking to prevent retching. We hope the involved parties took note.

Keep Your Eyes On The Box

Diane told Elozonam in the garden that she doesn’t want to shut her eyes in case the red box goes missing.

Earlier on, Big Brother instructed the Housemates to go into the garden. They didn’t make this trip alone as they brought the red box with them. Once the Housemates got into the garden, some of them promptly dropped off to sleep. Noticing this, Diane voiced her fears about the box to Elozonam. Though she was also feeling sleepy, she couldn’t take the risk as she felt one on Biggie’s Ninja’s might come and whisk off the box putting them into trouble. Knowing Biggie and his tricks, we wouldn’t put it past him.

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With the Housemates history with booze, we look forward to the drama that occurs whenever they have had too much to drink.

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