Day 75: From reluctant Igwes to surprised Ninjas.

08 April 2017
TBoss finally won something, surprising even the Ninjas, while Efe reluctantly does the dishes after TBoss refused his request.
Daybreak 76

Efe became Igwe for the fourth time, as TBoss had to hand over the reigns reluctantly to a reluctant Efe, becoming Igwe for the fourth time. Firstly, TBoss made everyone stand up and curtsey or bow to her as the Queen, but of course, Efe refused. TBoss even exclaimed "Why you got to be so rebelious?" Efe then started doing the dishes and tried his luck with TBoss, telling her to wash the dishes but she refused, despite Efe's joking threat to report her to Biggie for "insubordination." It was all done in good spirits with both having a good laugh.

Bisola decided to mix it up a bit as she became the latest curator of Biggie's Museum. This curator came with an attitude and an American accent. Ever the comedian, Bisola "jive talked" her way through her presentation in her usual fun and entertaining way. Watch her as she bulldozes the Housemates through the exhibits:

Debie-Rise, meanwhile let her creative juices flow when she was left alone in the Party Room. She seemed tro be working on a new jingle for Legend Extra Stout, singing "Ask me for Legend and I'll give you an Extra Stout." Watch her work through her song here:

Meanwhile, the pressure has obviously been getting to TBoss as she opened up to Debie-Rise about a nightmare that she had. She said that she had been terrorized by men with guns and bazookas and she struggled to understand what it meant. Our guess is that it was just a dream. 

It was to be TBoss' day as she managed to fulfil another dream of hers when she finally emerged as the victor of the Friday Night PayPorte Arena Games with an unassailable winning time of 01:22, this surprised everone, including, as Biggie quipped "Even the Ninja's are surprised." She had chosen Debie-Rise to share her spoils but she was magnanimous in her victory and shared her reward with everyone.

The Housemates have done all that they can to convince you that they would be the right person to Vote for. Their job is done, it is now up to you to make one of Marvis, Debie-Rise, TBoss, Efe or Bisola's dreams come true. They still have a bit of time left in the House and that means that they have one more Legend Extra Stout Saturday Night Party with DJ Exclusive tonight. They are in for a treat on Sunday Night as Tiwa Savage, 2Baba and Emmy Gee are going to be performing at the Live Finale this Sunday. It looks set to be an exciting Finale, which one of the five remaining Housemates will be named Big Brother Naija winner for 2017? Stay tuned to your favourite DStv and GOtv channels to see the amazing outcome. 


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