Day 74: If I was Igwe for just one day.

07 April 2017
It seemed fitting that TBoss would be the last Igwe on this season. She managed to do so for the visit of BBRoyalty, Karen and Ebuka.
Daybreak 75

TBoss finally became the last Igwe as Marvis handed over the crown to her, making her "IgBoss." It seemed fitting that she would be the last Igwe of the season as she had not been Igwe before despite being one of this season's strongest competitors, male or female. She seemed delighted to be "King for a day" or, in her case, the President of the Boss Nation for a day.  

IgBoss' first point of business was to call the Housemates into the Arena after receiving a brief from Biggie. To continue with the board and party games theme of this week, they were to play a life-sized game of Snakes and Ladders. With Bisola moderating, or being the game master, Biggie introduced a revealing twist: if they go forward in the game, they had to share a good decision they had made in the game that had enhanced their stay in the House. However, if they went backwards, sliding down the snake, they would have to share a bad decision in the House. Watch the video below:

Does Debie-Rise still have feelings for Efe?

And, why is TBoss chatting to her Teddy?

The Housemates were in for a big surprise as they were treated to two surprise guests, Ebuka and the winner of Big Brother Africa: Amplified, Karen, looking every inch a star. So, BBRoyalty to give advice to their subjects on how to handle life after the House. With both Ebuka and Karen's deep insight into being Housemates and finding success beyong Big Brother, the Housemates must have been grateful for this timely advice so close to the Finale. Being Karen's birthday, she demanded the BBRoyal treatment, and she got it, in spades. Debie-Rise sang "Happy Birthday" to her and Bisola and Efe improvised a rap for her. 

Ebuka and Karen both gave sage advice, advising them not to become arrogant. They both warned against the snakes in the grass who are only friends for the money. Watch what they had to say here:

Biggie surprised the Housemates by completely banning them from campaigning for Votes for the remainder of the show. Whilst at first they felt aggrieved, they soon realised in their Diary Sessions that they would have been annoying to watch continually campaigning for Votes. Marvis and Debie-Rise quipping that it meant that they could be Voted for on merit and that it levelled the playing fields. The ever sneaky Biggie then gave them all 40 minutes to doll themselves up in their best regalia and report to the Arena where they were each given time to tell Nigeria why they needed to Vote for them. It was a brilliant move from Biggie as it didn't give the Housemates much time to prepare, and therefore, they all spoke from the heart. Let them speak directly to you, here is what they had to say:

Are you still undecided as to who is your favourite? Have you liked how real the King of the Igwe's,.Efe has been? Have you been charmed by Marvis and her quiet ways or have you been lulled by the lullabies of sweet Debie-Rise, the Queen of the dance floor. Has the drama of TBoss beguiled you or has the Entertainment Alligator Queen stolen your heart. Voting is still open, who is your favourite Housemate. The end is nigh and one of these fascinating Housemates is going to be a very happy person with all of your love reigning down on the, as they are crowned Winner of Big Brother Naija. 

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