Day 73: Late Night Gist With Team Legends

11 September 2019
How can you develop relationships within your team while having fun at it? Let team Legends show you.

According to Khafi, Tacha, Frodd and Omashola, nothing beats some quality time with your team members, even with half of the team Evicted.

When you're hanging with your best friend, you're guaranteed to get into a lengthy gist that covers a surplus of juicy topics. But the things best friends talk about in the afternoon, are quite different from the things they might talk about, say at midnight. Here’s what these four got up to in the early hours of the morning.

The Tease

What began as a conversation about Khafi and Gedoni’s relationship in the Pepper Dem House, ended up as a tease. First, Frodd made fun of her as he reminded her of the time she did nothing but spend time in bed with Gedoni.

While doing so, he did not fail to mention the fact that Gedoni initially took interest in Mercy, because of her attractive body features. Then Tacha went on to tease her further on how smitten she was when the Khadoni ship was just getting started.

Tireless Romantics

“You’re a tireless romantic,” Khafi said to Frodd as they continued their bonding session. As the trio reminisced about what went down in their first week as Biggie’s guests, Khafi, Tacha and Frodd delved into Frodd and Esther’s relationship.

When asked about the first time couples started forming in the Pepper Dem House, Frodd said his friendship with Esther is one that he’ll forever be grateful. He claimed Esther was the only Housemate that saw him through thick and thin in the game. “Destiny is key,” he added while trying to explain to his teammates that his relationship with Esther in the House was destined to be, regardless of their ups and downs. “Na we quarrel pass, na we make up pass,” he further said.

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Coming Out Of The Friendzone

How possible is it to come out of a friendzone?

Tacha asked the above question and we couldn’t help but wonder if the question was directed at Frodd. Just before we could answer that question, she asked again, “Do you think this was the case between you and Esther?”

Without wasting much time on the question thrown at him, Frodd answered, “No o, it was just God”.

As if triggered by his response, Omashola countered Frodd’s statement by breaking down the happenings in Frodd and Esther’s relationship. According to Omashola, Esther liked Nelson but following Nelson’s Eviction and Frodd being crowned Head of House in that same week, Esther started gravitating towards Frodd. He further added that the turning point in their relationship was when Venita came into the House and developed a situationship with Frodd, which prompted Esther to “try to get her man back”.

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Could this be true? Does it really matter since he still got his girl though? *wink* 

Source: Twitter - @Mz_Prim, kafui_debss, @FroddsWife, @OsejiAda.

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