Day 73: Coasting toward home!

05 April 2017
The Housemates are practically on Vacation and loving the final stretch.

Biggie sees everything and he's picked up on how well everyone is getting on. It was only right therefore, that he find out why there was so much love going around.

Everyone was in agreement that the mood in the House was relaxed. "There's no tension" said Bisola. "It's like everyone's decided said let's just breathe and whatever happens on Sunday, we're going home!". Debie-Rise hypothesized that the pressure from Tasks had brought out the ugly side in everyone and now people were more relaxed and respectful. TBoss was beaming throughout her session, echoing the same sentiment and saying she was "so happy" she hadn't called it quits when things were tougher. "I'm so proud of myself!". She also thanked Biggie for the pizza and red wine which everyone agreed were delicious!

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She wasn't the only one reminiscing and looking back either. Marvis looked emotional as she reflected on how Big Brother had saved her from an office job that was enviable but very far removed from her passion of becoming an actress. She said she was going to do her best after leaving the show so she wouldn't go back to that life as she was staring to lose herself.

Efe seemed to be having a much better day today too and was in great spirits. He said he'd loved the day's Tasks and took a moment to commend everyone who'd choreographed everything over the course of the Season. "I dey burst my kidney thinking" he said as he mulled on everything they'd accomplished from Day one.

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Next, Biggie wanted to pick their brains and learn which super power they'd love to have. Efe and Bisola both picked the ability to fly. Efe said superman was the baddest super hero and flying was one of the most exciting fantasies ever. Bisola smiled as she imagined flying to her appointments in order to "beat Lagos traffic." TBoss and Marvis picked teleportation.

TBoss said she loved travelling and like the character in the movie "Jumper" she wanted to just think of a place and manifest in it so she could see every inch of this vast and "amazing" world. Marvis took a more philosophical approach saying she didn't like being restricted by time and space when it came to experiencing the things she enjoyed.

What super powers would you want for yourself? Tell us in the comments below.

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