Day 72: Clearing Assumptions

10 September 2019
When people have no idea what's going on, they create assumptions. The same thing happens in the Pepper Dem House.

As tension in the Pepper Dem House heightens, rumours and suspicions of scheming continue springing up. Some will be cleared and some won’t be. Fortunately for Cindy, Khafi had time this morning to clear some of hers.

Clearing Assumptions
The Nomination Drama made its way to the second day which is perfectly normal, but what wasn’t normal to Cindy was watching Khafi and Tacha beam with glee and talk in hush tones after Omashola Saved and Replaced himself with Seyi. Remember Seyi put up Khafi last week and Cindy thought this was her basking in the joy that Seyi got served in his Coin. She felt that was beneath Khafi. “You come across as conniving… It seemed like you both were happy and I wasn’t expecting you’d be rejoicing over that” she said. “I feel like Tacha has an issue with Seyi and Tacha is dragging you along,” she added. To which Khafi responded that Cindy was just making assumptions and this was a regular occurrence in the House. She has learnt not to bother about what people think or try to make people like her. “This House is teaching me that no matter what you do someone will still have an issue with it,” she further remarked.

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On why it might have seemed like she and Tacha looked like they were conniving, she explained that she just found the whole Nomination ironic. “I didn’t expect Omashola to put Seyi up. It was just interesting that Omashola put him up the same way he did me and that was the plot twist.”
It doesn’t look like Khafi, Seyi and Tacha would resolve their issues anytime soon, so it’s down to Eviction this Sunday to help them solve it once and for all.

The Factory Is Closed.
In other interesting news, the gates to Mercy’s cave of intimate pleasure will remain closed to Ike until he makes a formal commitment of marriage. A bewildered Ike stated having high hopes of getting some before he made his exit out of the Pepper Dem House.  To which Mercy replied he’d have to be engaged to her before consideration might be given to his carnal desires. Do we hear wedding bells ringing soon seeing as how passionate Ike is about getting some? Engagement will tell.

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With every Nomination, Housemates have found it difficult to shake off the feeling that they might be next. That fear is beginning to take a toll on them and create an air of suspicion and paranoia. Let’s see how this will play out in the coming weeks.

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