Day 71: Another One Bites The Dust

09 September 2019
Shortly after Eviction, The Pepper Dem Gang bore their minds on how they truly felt.

Whenever Eviction takes place, the mood in the Pepper Dem House is either one of relief at evading Eviction or the pain of losing a close Housemate. Last night, the atmosphere was really more of relief than sadness. No tears were shed because of Venita’s exit, but a few words were said.

Venita’s Exit

Even Venita saw it coming as she kept a solemn mood all day. Her conversation with Biggie during the Diary session almost felt like she had made peace with her impending exit and when her name was called, she didn’t seem shocked. Neither were you guys.

Khafi and Cindy while discussing, were certain Venita would be fine seeing as she isn’t new to the limelight. Tacha believed she achieved her aim of getting her name on every lip. “You can’t make a sentence without making calling her name,” she said. Although she was shook at the Eviction, she was glad she was gone.  On his part, Ike couldn’t shake off the feeling that Venita thought he didn’t like her. Surely, Venita finding out he put her up for Eviction won’t make her like him anytime soon.

I Am Clout!

Tacha’s running altercation with Seyi took a nastier turn during the Live Eviction Show as she went for the jugular. Responding to Ebuka’s question about the growing tension between them, she didn’t hold back and described Seyi as being void of sense. A statement that left viewers utterly stunned.  

While discussing with Khafi after, she expressed further shock at why Seyi thought she was using him to garner clout. “How could he say I am using him for clout, I am clout,” she replied totally bemused at Seyi’s utterance.

With feelings being aired and the game getting tighter in the House, we can't wait to find out if it's truly the end of Seyi and Tacha's newly built ship.

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