Day 70: Housemates’ valuables returned

02 April 2017
They went straight upstairs to pack them back in their drawers.
items back 3

Biggie had all the items taken away from the Housemates this week returned to them. These included shoes, clothes, jewellery and a few food items.

Biggie informed the Housemates earlier this week that it being Extreme Survivor Week, a few luxuries and privileges would be taken away each day.

Biggie sent in his Ninjas to do his “dirty work” and took away a few fruits, honey, fancy shoes, jewellery and even plates of food that the Housemates had just served and looking forward to enjoying. Nothing was safe. Even Debie-Rise's guitar almost got snatched.

Just as the Nominated Housemates finished getting their hair done this afternoon, Biggie announced that the Housemates should go outside and close the door until further notice. When they returned, they found their items inside the House. They were more than happy to get their stuff back and immediately went through the heap of things, each identifying their own things.

Some of the Housemates took their things upstairs and it was back to their weekly grocery shopping before heading back upstairs to pack their returned items back in the drawers. It was then time to pack for the Nominated Housemates, as the hours till the Live Show drew closer.


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