Day 70: Extreme Week leads to the top 5

03 April 2017
The top five Housemates have to get to grips with the fact that there is just five of them left in the BBNaija House.
group hug

After Bally got Evicted from the BBNaija House, the remaining Housemates needed to come to grips with the fact that he was no longer going to be around and that they had made it into the final week of the Show and if they didn’t know it before, it has become abundantly clear that it was every man for himself.

34 group hug 004 pre

Though they seemed emotionally disturbed that Bally was gone, they seemed to draw strength from his calmness and quickly pulled themselves together as they sat around the dining table playing a game of cards and reminiscing on the times they spent with him.

34 sunrise1 004 pre

TBoss and Bisola even shared jokes as the former teased Bisola that she had been cheating on TTT with Bally to which Bisola, in her usual jovial manner responded “we did not come here for love, but to compete”. After Bisola finished cooking her pot of vegetable soup, the Housemates moved to the closet area where Efe sat down clipping his nails and they all just talked.

34 sunrise 004 pre

Enter Bisola again teasing the other Housemates that she had planned out her wardrobe for the rest of the week. She resolved to wear only the T-shirts Biggie had given them but promised to put on her make up every day until the finale because she was sure that her sister would be watching, and wouldn’t be impressed if she didn’t wear her makeup.

34 sunrise2 004 pre

TBoss begged Debie-Rise to wear a dress they had previously spoken about on either Monday or Tuesday as she was sure the dress would sit on her very well. The general talk in the House seemed to always drift to the finale as some of them started picking out what they might wear on the final day. It would seem the Housemates are mentally and emotionally drained as they all decided it was going to be an early night for them. Bisola agreed to spend the night sharing Marvis’ bed, and Efe quickly begged her not to leave him sleeping upstairs by himself, to which she responded that “TBoss and Debie-Rise are still upstairs”.

34 sunrise3 004 pre

The finale week is here and Biggie and Ebuka have informed the Housemates that there will be NO HoH Task, neither will there be any Nominations. The final admonition was the warning that there would be NO Campaigning for Votes either. The Housemates’ fates are in the hands of their fans.

Voting lines are now open and only your Votes can guarantee that your favourite Housemate will be crowned the winner. So ensure you Vote and start Voting from today.

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